Bend In The Barrow

Shaving Soap in Ceramic Bowl



Our quality Celtic ceramic shaving bowls are handmade to our design by Castle Arch Pottery of Kilkenny. The bowl can be had in either green or blue colours and both colours are offered in Multiple fragrances. The bowl is a great shaving solution for the average Irish bathroom which normally features a relatively small basin and storage space. In the American context the shaver would have a vanity sink on which there would be room for a separate bowl for whipping up their shaving soap in addition to a container for storing their soap. Our Bend in the Barrow storage-cum-whipping bowl is an all in one solution that will fit handily in any medicine cabinet. Our design fits our Bend in the Barrow refill shaving soaps into the easy grip base.

Bend in the Barrow – Vegan – Made in Ireland

All of our products are both Vegan and made near the banks of the Barrow River in County Kildare, Ireland. We always endeavour to employ ethical and earth friendly practices.