Bend In The Barrow



This soap is what it says on the tin: pure 100% Patchouli. It’s either love it or leave it with patchouli. There is no middle ground with this fragrance and we use pure essential oil in this bar. Considered one of the aphrodisiac essential oils, it can evoke deep seated romantic feelings in those who take a liking to it.

This soap features our skin friendly blend of natural oils and butters that provides a creamy lather.

Facts: Patchouli is a shrub native to Indonesia where it grows wild in Java and Sumatra. The essential oil is distilled from the leaves and twigs of the plant.

Bend in the Barrow – Vegan – Made in Ireland

All of our products are both Vegan and made near the banks of the Barrow River in County Kildare, Ireland. We always endeavour to employ ethical and earth friendly practices.