Bend In The Barrow

Chapped Hand Balm


Bend in the Barrow Chapped Hand Balm Bar is perfect for overworked hands that are suffering from chapping.

This Balm Bar is our own formulation of 3 natural butters and 3 natural waxes. As such this is a relatively hard bar. It is used for spot application to affected areas by rubbing the bar directly on the skin. We add no colour or fragrance to our Chapped Hand Balm Bar. Since this Balm Bar is used for spot application it lasts for a relatively long time. Some people have also found our Chapped Hand Balm Bar useful for their cracked heels. The bar is also useful for gardeners who use it both as a barrier between their skin and the soil and apply it underneath their nails to prevent soil accumulation. Frequently used by house mums and dads, gardeners, trades people, and athletes.

Bend in the Barrow – Vegan – Made in Ireland

All of our products are both Vegan and made near the banks of the Barrow River in County Kildare, Ireland. We always endeavour to employ ethical and earth friendly practices.