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Bend in the Barrow

Bend in the Barrow is a family business which produces Irish handmade soap, shaving soap and balms all of which are 100% Vegan. We operate near the banks of the Barrow River in County Kildare, Ireland. Formulation of our products started in 2011 with the goal of providing extraordinary high quality handmade soap at affordable prices using ethical and earth friendly practices

Irish Handmade Soap

Our luxurious rustic Irish handmade soap give loads of lather. The soap is made in small batches from select natural vegetable oils, butters, essential oils, fragrance oils, and plant derived ingredients known as botanicals. We use botanicals and clays to give our handcrafted soaps natural colour. Our soaps are largely made from olive and coconut oils along with significant contributions from avocado, apricot kernel and castor oil along with cocoa and shea butter. Our expanding range of soaps includes !00% coconut oil soaps, a 92% olive oil bar for those with sensitive skin and our Garden bar with pumice which is ideal for scrubbing dirty hands.

Our rich creamy handmade soaps are ready for you to purchase as a luxurious treat for yourself or as an affordable gift for that special friend or loved one. Our Irish handmade soap is available here at our website shop or you can visit us at one of the markets we attend. You can find out about where we will be in the near future by by visiting our markets page on this site or by visiting our Bend in the Barrow Facebook Page.

Our many varieties ensure that there is a fragrance for every personal preference. Users of our handmade soaps have described our various tempting scents as soothing, lush, dreamy, spicy, earthy, erotic, fresh, brisk, lasting and exotic.

Neither palm oil, palm kernel oil nor animal fats are used in making our Irish handmade soap and other products Besides having no palm oil, our soap is Vegan and Earth friendly. Vast forests have been striped bare for the plantation of palm plants robbing the orangutan and other species of their native habitats. Some people are mistaken in the belief that there is such a thing as “sustainable” palm oil. The fact is that using any palm oil drives and increases overall demand for the product thereby contributing to the destruction of sensitive ecosystems.

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